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Apr 13, 2020

Corona Memorial Day

Mayor of Bet Shemesh Dr Aliza Bloch has suggested to PM Netanyahu that he establish a memorial day for victims of CoronaVirus..

Bloch calls this a war against the plague and those who have died are casualties, not just people who have died. This plague attacks everyone, no matter whether you are secular, a person who wears a knitted kipa, or someone who wears a shtreimel, a man or a woman, young or old. The fight against the plague has shown the good of the Israeli people who have all participated in the battle.
source: Israel Hayom

While I think that creating an official memorial day is a bit unnecessary, I get the difference, as in the fight against cancer the entire public was not called on to stay indoors and in isolation for a month (at least), fighting the flu or car accidents did not take such a toll from, and did not require such a commitment from the entire Israeli public.

If this is going to happen, and I really don't think it is necessary, please at least do not make the mistake again of creating Corona Memorial Day  and scheduling ti during Nissan. Doing so would exclude the Haredi community, as Yom Hashoah does, and they were even a significant portion of the victims or casualties.

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