Apr 6, 2020

which is it?

At the same time that Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman is criticizing the lockdown of Bnei Braq he is also taking credit for it saying he pushed Netanyahu to impose the closure. And he did. For a few days prior to it actually happening, the news was full of reports of Litzman pushing for it.

At the same time the Mayor of Ramat Gan Carmel Shama Hakohen critisized the demand for putting up a wall between Ramat Gan and Bnei Braq to keep the virus from spreading into Ramat Gan and also expressing empathy for the residents of Bne Braq calling them brothers, he also put up a chain link fence along [part of] the border between the two cities.

I don't even know what a chain link fence would accomplish - the people can't go from Bnei Braq into Ramat Gan anyway because of the closure, and a chain link fence isn't going to prevent any airborn virus from entering Ramat Gan. But he did. Until legal counsel forced him to remove it. So he removed it.

It seems nobody can keep their opinions straight. I guess "it's complicated"

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