Dec 14, 2020

Interesting Psak: musical Hallel

musical Hallels have become very popular in recent years. They provide inspiration and an outlet for many people to experience the joy of Hallel. And they might be fun for many. 

In a Chassidishe shteibel, a kloiz, in Modiin Ilit experienced an incident at what was turning into a musical Hallel. A local resident came to the shul to daven and pulled out a violin during Hallel and started playing music to liven up the Hallel.

Somebody else in the minyan told this fellow to stop, but it turned into a bit of a ruckus, with some people saying to leave him alone, not shame him, and let him play the music, and the original upset person stood his ground claiming that music during davening came from the Reform and we cannot allow it to continue and create a breach in our walls. They argued, with examples from the Levites in the Beit Hamikdash (an argument he rejected, saying they also shechted animals on Shabbos in the Mikdash, and that does not mean we can), and from rabbonim (Rav Kook is mentioned) who did so.

Eventually they agreed to let this fellow ask a rav and they would act accordingly.

The fellow asked Rav Aviner, who said that a shul is not a beis hamikdash, and this fellow is also not King David. The Sde Chemed says not to turn davening into a concert (Rav Aviner is also against significant chazzanut performances in davening for this reason).

Rav Aviner concluded that there is a spirit of Reformism entering the Dati and even Haredi worlds, so playing instruments in shul should be avoided.
source: Actualic

The article is strange and a bit questionable. It refers to an incident in Modiin Ilit, Brachfeld, in a kloiz. Yet they asked the question of Rav Aviner and referred to Rav Kook in the arguments. Very strange. I suspect there is something incorrect or inaccurate about this.

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  1. Even stranger is that a Dati Leumi musician who knows anything about the matter and who is looking for a hetter would have asked, of all Dati Leumi Rabbonim, Rav Aviner. A Dati Leumi musician would have known better.

  2. I take it this was not on Shabbos.

  3. The Altneu Shul in Prague has always had an organ, obviously not for Shabbat. They would play it during Kabbalat Shabbat, though.

    In general, chardalim overuse the word "Reform."

  4. As if everything the reform have ever done is inherently evil. Maybe they got some things right; maybe at times they were in tune with the personal spiritual needs of their members, and by definition, were free to think and act 'out of the box'. Some things are commendable, we should be able to admit.


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