Sep 27, 2010

From Ragly to Kanfy (video)

Ragly, now re-named Kanfy, was a caterpillar that I found last Sunday walking on my shirt sleeve. I brought him home and put him in a box with my kids and hoped we would watch it turn into a butterfly.

Kanfy, the butterfly, came out of the cocoon yesterday, while we were out, and we released him from the box shortly after.

Here is the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, or from Ragly to Kanfy.

Ragly on his first day in our family

Ragly in his new box house

Ragly built went into his cocoon just one day later

And a week later, Kanfy came out of the cocoon

And here is the empty cocoon

Here is the video of our releasing him back into the world..


  1. " I brought him home and put him in a box with my kids"-
    seems quite cruel to me to keep your kids in a box!!!

  2. Seems cruel to me, to crowd the poor caterpillar that way. One moment - Mister Free and Easy, minding his business, ambling along. The next moment - Mister Ghetto, trapped in urban overcrowding!

  3. Dani - funny..but at least we gave them a pet to play with.. :-)

    Mordechai - I thought the ability to watch the metamorphosis would be worthwhile experience...the thing was so small, and we gave him a large box with branches and leaves and soil anyway.. plus he cocooned the next day and then didnt move anyway so didnt feel the lack of space...

    and it was really cool

    plus, he attacked me first..

  4. Mordechai, perhaps Rafi saved it from being eaten by another animal.

  5. What a great lesson for the kids! I hope he was comfortable inside the box. (And I just love the "הוא מפחד לצאת " by your kids!)

  6. Tongue-in-cheek, Rafi. It's funny how some of my best childhood memories are of just that sort of thing. Watching moths appear, or having a jar of fireflies next to my bed at night. My father would help catch them and put holes in the jar lid; then he made sure to release them in the morning. We used to bring turtles home from the river, too. That's how I learned that snapping turtles will eat hamburger. (Or your finger, if you don't watch it!) Moadiim L'simha!


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