Sep 6, 2010

Stock up spiritually for Rosh Hashana

Getting stocked up, spiritually and pysically for the Rosh Hashana 3 Day Marathon?!

There's one critical preparation you can do right now, conveniently from your desk.

Tefilla, Teshuva and TZEDAKA!

Tzedaka: you are invited to donate generously to the one-hundred-and-eighty-three local poor families (including six hundred and seventy-six impoverished children) who, with your help, will be assisted by Lema'an Achai for the chagim.

1. With just a few clicks, you can donate on-line:
2. pick up the phone and donate by credit card: 02-99999.33
3. Mail your check to: Lema'an Achai, 40/7 Nahal Lachish, Ramat Bet Shemesh, 99093.

Together, we serve our community - At Your Convenience!
Tizku Lemitzvot!

Shanah tova & Ktiva VeChatima Tova!
David & Avrohom


David Morris, Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal
Chairman Executive Director

Tel: +972 2 9991553

The Lema'an Achai Center,
40/7 Nahal Lachish
Ramat Beit Shemesh
99093 ISRAEL.

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