Sep 2, 2010

Rav Amnon Yitzchak's Hypocrisy

As you can see in the pictures, that were posted today on Rav Amnon Yitzchak's website, from a kenes in Ofakim, that was for a religious and Haredi audience, the seating is mixed.

Why is it ok for him to hold such mixed performances but not for singers like Shwekey and Chaim Yisrael?

But at least he showed people destroying disks... though to me they look more like those disks that the Breslavers pass out on the street corners more than Shwekey disks that you pay 60 shekels for..I would be willing to bet that he brings the diss himself to break as part of the performance. And while maybe there are a few people who break their own disks to follow his lead, it is probably not too many..


  1. The difference is whether there is accompanying music.

  2. personally I have no problem with a mixed crowd at any private affair, no matter how large. And as long as there is no tefilla happening.

    However Rav Amnon does have such a problem. Why should the music make a difference? we are not talking about mixed dancing, just sitting and listening. so whats the difference?

  3. Our headline today: Chareidi zealot turns out to be hypocrite. In other breaking news, the atmosphere is 21% oxygen. Sunset expected this evening as well.

  4. It looks like the seating is separate - men in the front, and women in the back. The first picture is the back row of men and the front row of women.

  5. looks mixed to me. some pix look less mixed and some look more.. but if some sections are mixed it is mixed...

  6. its like the story of Winstone Churchill who said “We’ve already established what you are, madam. Now, we’re just arguing about the price.”

    mixed is mixed, and you are just arguing how it was more mixed or less mixed

  7. Yoni r. is right. A look at the website shows clearly that they had separate seating, without a mechitza. The front of the auditorium is men, the back and the balcony is the women.

    Of course, if the music performers did that I'm sure Rav Amnon would still not be satisfied. What do they do at an Avraham Fried concert, for instance?

  8. Not that I want to defend AY, but fair is fair:

    Surely there's a difference between a concert that has the audience gyrating, singing, hopping around, (lessening their inhibitions) vs one where they just sit there.

  9. There is a great chapter on Mixed Seating in Rabbi Enkin's new book.

    I think everyone should buy at least three copies, for home, office, and car.

    Rafi G

  10. You have to watch out for mixed seating lectures, I man one guy shows up a with a drum and suddenly everyone is up dancing! Just imagine a conga line of Hassidim going across the state, Oh the humanity.

  11. why are you so against Rav Amnon ?
    he has BH helped so many lost neshamos,
    the crowd is siting seperate, men in the front ,ladies in the back
    yoour posts and blogs are vey nice, i enjoy them very very much, but since you started attacking Rav Amnonm, I am
    abit dissapointed in you.

  12. All he wants is to be famous!

  13. This question was asked to him and he addressed it.

    The diffrence is, when there is music, people get up and dance be it men or woman and that poses a problem. Rabbi Amnon is lecturing- theres no music or dancing. He show videos of what the mixed concerts have led to.

    He's not wrong. We may not like the outcome - but he's definitley got a point.


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