Sep 20, 2010

Pollard on Ice?

So the idea is being floated of trading a 3 month extension of the building freeze in exchange for the release of Jonathan Pollard.

While I would think such a deal should be agreeable, I don't believe it is going to happen. Perhaps in exchange for continuing the freeze for another year or so, but for only 3 months? I don't see Obama agreeing to such a small continuance for the price of a Pollard...


  1. Pollard will never be released as he would be received here as a hero, with the defeated party being the USA, and that will never happen.

  2. Obama wants to get through mid-term elections before Abass threatens to quit again.

  3. i can't believe that the US would stoop so low as to use Pollard as a bargaining chip in such a cheap manner. The story just doesn't sound credible.

  4. the news reports that are talking abou tit are saying it is coming from Netanyahu's people, and someone was sent to check with Obama's people to see if it is an issue worth suggesting.

  5. Something tells me that even Pollard himself won't agree to the deal.

  6. Are you suggesting that the reason Pollard is still in jail is based on the merits of his case? Wasn't his release supposed to be part of the Wye agreement? Looks like he is worth more to the US in jail and he will not be released without some kind of political gain.

    I don't know who is floating hte trial balloon.If Obama makes the offer, he comes out the winner because it puts Bibi on the hot seat. If Bibi is looking for an excuse to break his promise on extending the settlement freeze this would be pretty good cover.

    It would be a much better strategy to offer extending the freeze in exchange for Pollard and Shalit and watch everyone squirm.


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