Sep 19, 2010

Tzniyus and Politics

At least this time someone explains the connection and doesn't just stam blame everything on tzniyus..

Rav Eleiezer Melamed, the rav of Har Bracha and rosh yeshiva of the local yeshiva, wrote in his article in BaSheva, that it is the tzniyus problems of religious women that is behind the weakness of Netanyahu to stand up to international pressure regarding the State of Israel.

Rav Melamed explained how the connection works. he described how the fashion industry creates the desire and the demand for the new styles of clothing, and then they start with limiting the supply when they finally produce it, they charge exorbitant prices, then they release some more to the market.

And then, Rav Melamed says, "In Eretz Yisrael the women then start complaining that the right clothes havent yet gotten to the Middle East. Then they can suddenly be had in Kikar HaMedinah, and then a bit later in other stores. At that point, the new religious women (Rafi G: I am not sure if he means baalos teshuva or if he is referring to "new religious" like more modern religious rather than old fashioned religious) come along, and out of total freedom come to their own original conclusions that these are the exact clothing that they always wanted to wear, and the only thing left is to close the gap creating a dilemma between religious outlook and aesthetic outlook.

Then they sit in the living room and ask why Mr. Netanyahu gives in to international pressure. Why he doesnt have the guts to say that we have full rights on Eretz Yisrael as it says in Tanach."


  1. But my readers are doubting your interpretation--any chance you can scan it for me?

  2. I didnt see the original article, but the mention of it, which I linked to in the post. The article also discusses further comparing the soldiers who refused orders and makes a similar point...

  3. neither of you actually read the actual article, yet you feel you can blog about it???

  4. and why not? I commented on an article I saw about it in a news website. I didnt criticize what he said, but I added my 2 cents based on what was quoted.
    I dont comment on things I "hear", but this came out of a news media site.

  5. i reread your post and it still sounds like you read the article and not just an article about the article (yes if i press on the link i can see that you linked to an article about the article, but being that i actualy did see the article i saw no reason to open the link) . im not accusing you of doing anything wrong, but i do see it as misleading, and that you would benefit from reading the original article.
    and on a different point
    i really enjoyed being able to get to other blogs from your site. i wanted to write and ask you about it but couldnt find a link to use to write you.

  6. the blogroll is on the bottom. in the new template I chose, it doesnt come out well on the side as the sidebars are too narrow.
    I am looking for a solution because it is not as noticeable on the bottom. thanks for pointing it out. If I know readers like.want a specific feature I work harder to provide it, than just getting around to it eventually.

  7. Rafi,

    unfortunately this is another example of a rav commenting on something he knows little about. Here this rav is commenting about fashion, the business model of the fashion industry, and the psychology of women and purchasing clothing. Do you really believe this rav knows much about any of these three topics?

    As a side opportunity I spent some time working with some clothing mfrs who are based in Israel and mfr in china. I also am friends with a local jeans designer and some others who are respected in the fashion industry. So while I am certainly no expert in the field I know just enough to know that this rav knows even less than I. And I know very little.

    And now I have to wrap up my ulpan sheurei bayit: lylah tov.

  8. this is the link to the original article

  9. Great article. I unserstand "Datiot Hachadoshot" as ostensibly religious women who do what they like without regards to halacha.

  10. thanks for putting the blogroll back in place. still dont see a 'contact me' option.
    and i must ask was my comment so out of line that it needed to be censored? or is just some glitch? and did you read the article?

  11. I didnt censor anything. all the original comments are up as they were posted originally.

    Yes, I read the article and I understand from it that he is comparing it and saying if everyone else gives in to international pressure over halacha regarding tzniyus in fashion (and soldier roder refusal), than how can they expect Netanyahu to be able to withstand pressure.. rather than it being a cause and effect.

  12. i didnt think you would censor it, however it is missing. (dont bother putting it back, but know that there is a problem)
    chag sameyach


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