Sep 12, 2010

Shofar or Internet.. not both

The night before Rosh Hashana, the Toldos Aharon rebbe held a talk for his followers.

During his talk he got into practical matters and said that when blowing shofar on Rosh Hashana he would not have in mind anybody who was using in his house unfiltered Internet. Unfiltered Internet is a great danger and the opening to great spiritual dangers.

Supposedly, 92 people, immediately after the talk, went to sign up to change to filtered accounts.


  1. whatever happened to להתפלל עם העברינים?

  2. You mean in Toldos Aharon they have:
    (a) home computers?????
    (b) internet?????
    And the Rebbe acknowledged this?????
    And somehow someone was able to tally 92 chassidim who then went to sign up for filtered accounts?????

    There is not a single item here that is believable.

  3. Risa - thats on Yom Kippur. not Rosh Hashana.. :-)
    just joking. I thought of that and clearly this was used to pressure people to switch, not that he is not allowed to be motzee them

  4. unbelievable - why shouldnt they have internet and computers in Toldos Aharon? they are people, they have businesses, they have desires, they shop online like anybody else.. despite the zebra uniforms..

    the rest sounds strange also to me..


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