Sep 14, 2010


This is from a recent protest held by PETA supporters in Crown Heights against the using of chickens for kapparos..


  1. Is that man even conscious that tefillin are made of cow hides?

  2. aver learning in daf yomi (avoda zara) that one may not sell a white chicken to an Akum because it will be used as idol worship, it makes me wonder how this practice was ever allowed

  3. i think thats a great picture. i also think chanokh asked a great qs.

  4. That's the point. You DO Have to wear tefillin and they do have to have batim made of leather. You don't have to use a chicken to do kapporot. You can get the same effect with money. Its not like bringing korbonot when we will get to do that again.

  5. PETA (as the article says the protester is part of) holds that ANY use of animals is an utter abomination, because they hold that any discrimination between "human animals" and "non-human animals" is "specieism". This had led them to say that the meat industry is worse than the Holocaust (r"l) and that they condemn any medical research involving animals, even if this means people will die without such treatment.
    They typically won't wear leather shoes or wool clothes, so tefillin should be a HUGE no-no for them. And don't get them started about korbanos...
    On the other hands, PETA animal shelters are at the forefront of quasi-systematic euthanasia of stray pets. Go figure...


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