Sep 16, 2010

Not Paying Taxes

(This post originally started out as a simple "quote of the day" but it kept getting bigger so it's format had to be changed)

With the Supreme Court regularly coming out with rulings that are against the Haredi community, declaring funding illegal, budgets as discriminatory, and the like, MK Moshe Gafni has had enough.

Gafni last night, after the latest decision that it would be illegal for the council of Emannuel to provide funding for the new Slonim private school, called the Supreme Court justices "shouk merchants", and said that if they don't reign themselves in and keep deciding against the haredim, "we will stop paying taxes".

Gafni compared the Supreme Court to the Russian Czar who would decide whatever he wanted based on any whim and has to answer to nobody..

Gafni was then asked what about the recent decision that any school that does not implement the core curriculum would lose its funding. His response was, again, that we will stop paying taxes. he said, "We will stop paying taxes. What will they do - throw us all into jail?..."

Gafni concluded the interview by saying that he knows he will be called in for a disciplinary hearing by the Court for what he called them. But if Justice Cheishin can say in the media that I am talking like a shouk merchant, "then it is allowed for me to speak about them like that as well."

My thoughts:
1. It seems like Gafni follows the agenda set by the Yated Neeman, considering they recommended that "we stop paying taxes" just a few days ago. Unless they got it from him as a way of floating the idea to the public.

2. What will they do if the community stops paying taxes? What they do when anyone stops paying taxes - put liens on bank accounts, confiscate household items via Hotzaah LaPoel, and make life extremely difficult.

3. How do you "not pay taxes"? Most people are salaried employees, and taxes are done and withheld automatically. the employee has no ability to withhold taxes. Only self-employed people can withhold taxes.

4. A cynic would say, "withhold taxes? what taxes do you pay anyway? Most haredim don't work!"


  1. A much more effective method would probably be to use their political power (which is incredibly strong, relative to their weak position in front of the courts), to change the Law of the Courts, and do away with, or limit the power of the Bagatz.

    If they're really serious about getting it done, they'll find other very willing partners for a vote.

  2. You mean, " kept getting bigger. so the layout of the entire blog had to be changed!"

  3. You mean, " kept getting bigger. so the layout of the entire blog had to be changed!"

  4. :-)

    you like? it was time to freshen things up for the new year. a smoother and cleaner appearance...

  5. Loads faster. Thats a plus. The other way froze my computer too many times.

  6. Response #4 isn't cynical at all. It was the first thing I thought of. I'm not worried about loss of taxes from the country's largest welfare group. MK Gafni is living in a delusion.

  7. The font used for the date of the post stinks. Change it! :-)


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