Feb 14, 2011

And Rain Starts Fire..

An alert reader sent me the news item that the investigation into the IKEA fire in Netanya has been concluded.

The investigation has shown that it was not arson that caused the fire but the rain touching an electrical contact in the roof of the building started the fire.

So while there was talk of how Shabbos protected them, as they had remained closed on Shabbos (and maintained a strictly kosher cafeteria) , it turns out that the rain, that we have been praying so much for, is what caused the fire.

It also strikes me as unusual that rain started a major fire. Rain is meant to extinguish fires, not start them..

Once we become God's accountants, we can never stop for a rest. There is no end to the accounting...


  1. I'm really really tired of this "G-d's accountant" cliche.

    Of course we do not have any prophets nowadays, so anyone who claims that he KNOWS exactly why G-d did this or that is lying or delusional.

    HOWEVER the refusal to believe that G-d punishes sin, and the refusal to look for things that need to be corrected in response to tragedy and disaster, is plain out apikorsus -- a denial of the Torah. See Vayikra 26:21 - 24.

  2. yes, though the thing is that people dont shy away from making definitive statements. If they said, we must check our ways (mefashfesh bmaasim) and figure otu where to improve, and I have this or that failing that i need to work on, that would be one thing.

    When they say definitively that this happened to me because of this and this did not happen because of that, then they are already acting as Gods accountants.

  3. Faulty electrical work was what started the fire. Careful inspection and adherence to quality could have prevented it.

    It turns out that the rain, that we have been praying so much for, isn't what caused the fire. It turns out that the shoddy craftsmanship, that we have been praying so much for to end, is what caused the fire.


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