Feb 27, 2011

Taking Credit For Overthrowing Tyrants

Something about the world involvement in the uprisings in the Muslim countries disturbs me. The European countries and the US are finally making strong statements denouncing the violent suppression of the protests. They make statements in a way that show they expect to be listened to - their statement with a veiled threat of repercussions should be enough to stop madmen like Moammar Qaddafi or other dictators from doing what they do best.

What bothers me is, where were you the past 3 decades? Where were you when he suppressed his people, or they suppressed their people, and killed, and tortured them? Now you want to show leadership? After the protesters have risen up and done almost all the work? Now you want to make it look like you are sickened by the violent and dictatorial regimes?

If you were not willing to show leadership and step in and intervene until now, you should continue taking a back seat. Let the people do the job they started. Don't take credit for an uprising because of your "bold" statements. Until now the western countries have propped up these dictators for a variety of interests, and suddenly they turn on them when the wind changes.

Keep quiet, support the protesters quietly, do the diplomatic work in the UN and pressure in the back channels and whatever other way you can help. But dont start stealing the credit now for overthrowing these tyrants, after years and decades of propping them up, sending them money and arms. It was the people who did it almost completely on their own - not the United States, Germany or any other country.

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