Feb 9, 2011

Shortening The Dress

I saw the following sign on a poster last night...

It says, in the name of Rav Elyashiv and Rav Wosner, that shortening a dress is an act of pritzus and one who does so is transgressing das yehudis. Then it throws some quotes from various seforim that a husband has a mitzva to divorce such a woman, an adam kasher should not marry such a woman, and it is for sure a mitzva to ban them from the community, the family and the institutions.

I would note that the sign does not mention how short such a woman has to make her dress to be considered a prutza - just the fact that she shortens her dress. If a woman buys a dress that needs to be tailored and hemmed up a bit, is she a prutza?

It seems obvious to me that a woman who shortens her dress to the lengths that are not considered tzniyus, above her knees, would not be considered part of the haredi community and she probably doesn't see herself as part of it either, so I dont see a purpose for the sign if it is directed at women wearing skirts that are too short (miniskirts).


  1. All the seminaries here ban long dresses that almost reach the ground, (is it because DL girls dress that way?).

    So in this case, it would be a mitzva to shorten a dress.

  2. Sewing isn't tznius. Only clothes manufacturers can make clothes. If it doesn't fit you, tough luck.

  3. moi - that cant be. a lot of old school haredi women sew their own clothes.. it must be that you only have one chance to get the sizing right.

  4. How peculiar....

  5. In Boro Park Brooklyn it is meritorious to make your own tsnius clothing, because the clothing creators do not have frum women in mind.

    Not a true suggestion. I doubt that "sewing isn't tznius"! The Pashkvill is incorrect, or being interpreted incorrectly.

  6. Oh! So that's why I see some many young women walking around with their skirts dragging on the ground! Very sanitary.

  7. I think it's fairly obvious that the poster means, wearing shorter dresses, not shortening an existing dress.

  8. I am only 5ft tall and if I didn't shorten skirts/dresses I would be tripping over them! This is safe?
    I am confused!


  9. The problem with sewing is that it could lead to making clothing that is not tzanua.


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