Feb 22, 2011

Interesting Posts #246

1. Tznius And Modern orthodoxy

2. Gan For English Speakers

3. Matrimonial Economics

4. What Watson Can Teach Us

5. Interesting Shaitel Ad

6. I Remember When

7. Supporting A Son-In-Law In Kollel

8. Jaffa-Tel Aviv

9. Canyon Derech Burma


  1. I thought that ad was horrible. I saw it before. Why would one want 'weeds' adorning their head?

  2. I read an article, offline, a while back about the frum papers not allowing pictures of women. The article was written from the perspective of the people who "need" to place images in the paper, such as advertisers. The person they spoke to discussed how they "sneak" images of women in using creative methods through advertising, such as using the product to form certain shapes.

    The image in the sheitel ad reminded me of that article, as they used the sheitel placement to form the shape of a woman.

  3. Why is 99% of a population that didn't grow up living like Meah Shearim acting like they can't live otherwise regarding external tznius issues?

    I'm not even sure if they grew up that way in Meah Shearim.


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