Feb 16, 2011

Mall Night In RBS

Come one come all!

Lemaan Achai presents "Mall Night" showcasing over 35 local businesses/ services of Ramat Bet Shemesh/ Bet Shemesh

This Sunday February 20th at Beis Tefillah Hall

Amazing prizes to be won including:
Laptop computer, Artwork by Moshe Braun and more…


  1. I attended their last mall night. It was a wonderful evening featuring many local businesses and services.

    The free food tastings just added to the whole event!

  2. Lema'an Achai event at BTYA? Is the cherem over?

  3. Last night? Isn't it next week?

    I think the "cherem" (and most of us would be helping if we'd stop yapping about it anyway) means pledge envelopes cannot be circulated in the shul. Any one can rent the hall - even a Friday caterer whose hashgacha goes on the fritz for a few weeks.

  4. Isn't the Name Anon so boring?February 17, 2011 1:06 PM

    Anon 3,

    Maybe it's time for new glasses. Anon 1 said I attended their last mall night (which was 2 years ago).

    Stop yapping about the cherem? Perhaps if the cherem would stop so would the yapping.

    BTW...the cherem includes them making appeals from the "pulpit". Many people I know have stopped giving because they feel the rav doesn't like Lema'an Achai and they don't even know why.

    So yes the cherem is still going.

  5. Funny Beis Tefillah doesn't mind taking Lemaan Achai's money as rent, but refuses to allow them to collect donations.

    The flip side, why is Lemaan Achai paying rent to Beis Tefillah. Find another place. They prove enough that they are l'shma by helping Beis Tefillah members in need, but to actually pay them seems a bit strange.

  6. Why is L.A actually paying to use the BTYA hall? easy answer.
    BECAUSE THEY'RE GROWN UPS! They don't hold grudges, they continue to serve the community ( yes, even BTYA families) they put in 100% every waking hour. as opposed to....I'll stop there.

  7. Rafi,

    Can you repost this at the top?



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