Feb 24, 2011

Madonna And The 500 Bottles Of Water

What would you do with 500 bottles of water? What about 500 bottles of kabbala water?
Madonna/Esther - no longer the Material Girl

Reports have it that Madonna was recently in Berlin for a day, and upon locating a hotel to her liking, her people insisted that the hotel must renovate and paint her room or else she wont stay there.

From The Holy Scoop:
Her camp told the hotel that Madonna was going to be in town for one night and wanted to stay at the hotel, but she “doesn’t want to sleep where other people have slept.” Seriously. They actually said that.

“Madonna doesn’t like to sleep where other people have slept,” a hotel source told Closer magazine. “She needs all new things – a new bed, fresh paint, new lights. So we renovated the whole room. We have never had a request like this before.”

The total cost of renovating the room? £15,000! Keep in mind it probably cost the hotel more money to renovate the room than she actually paid for the room for the night.

And that’s not all. “We also had to provide 500 bottles of Kabbalah water [which is blessed by a rabbi] for Madonna and her entourage,” the source added. What the hell do you do with 500 bottles of water when you’re only in your room for one night?

She spent most of the day in and out of her room so unless she was showering with the water (I wouldn’t put it past her) there’s no way she could have gone through all of it.
What would you do with 500 bottles of kabbala water? Maybe she is making a business out of it and selling the bottles. Maybe she bathed in the water, or passed them out as gifts to the people in "her camp" for them to drink.

I never understood how people can be so picky and specific. I mean, one night in a hotel and she insists on them renovating and painting the room a specific way? With food I kind of get it - people are on special diets or certain foods are more agreeable with someone than other foods, they want something familiar and not have to worry about how their body might react to new foods when they have meetings and events to be part of. But to insist on a hotel room being painted a specific way for a one night stay? It says the renovations cost more than what she paid for the room - so they didnt even charge her for fulfilling her requests!


  1. It's good to be the king!

  2. Why would the hotel agree to do this if it cost them money?

  3. why? assuming the report is accurate, there is a factor of publicity. If they can get madonna to stay there, that is big publicity and many others will want to stay there as well.
    Many stores give, or lend, free jewelry and clothing and accessories to celebrities for events, because everyone talks about what they are wearing and doing and it gives the store publicity.

    just my guess.

  4. cabala water? really? where can I sell this? sign me up I also want to get rich selling nothing.

  5. Reminds me of the Japanese mad guru Shoko Asahara who, before gassing the Tokyoites with sarin gas, used to sell his bathwater for a fortune to his devotees...

  6. Rooms at the hotel range from 100 - 400 Euro a night. If she is travelling with an Entourage there is a good chance they would take more than one room, possibly an entire floor or two. The hotel has only 40 rooms, so she may have taken the whole hotel to maintain her privacy.

    Hotels charge for damages incurred by guests. Why wouldn't they charge Madonna and her crew for the renovations. It's not like she was nickle and diming her expenses at a Motel 6. She was staying at a high end fancy hotel.

  7. Obviously, what Berg calls "Kabbalah" does nothing to her, otherwise she would try to be less of a selfish queen.

  8. If the hotel did this without compensation just for the sake of saying Madonna stays there...well, there's $$ to be had in that. But still. I, too, think she bathed in it but then I get that icky picture of Whoopie in milk in my head and I gag.


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