Feb 9, 2011

A Novel Way To Join The BS Protest

As announced, there is an important demonstration this evening at 5 PM outside of the Iryah building in Bet Shemesh. The purpose is to protest the lack of funding of Lemaan Achai despite promises made. Lemaan Achai does tremendous work, has been recognized nationally for their work, and is even used in many cases by the city welfare department itself to manage many welfare cases.

The demonstration will be a voice of protest, and as well a means of pressure on the Iryah, and encouragement to those city councilpeople to insist that the promise made to them be kept.

However, not every person will be able to go to the protest. For some it is at a bad time. Others just don't go to protests. Others won't want to take a bus out to get there. Others will see it as a waste of time. And a million other reasons why some people won't go.

In addition, the demonstration is pretty standard. We all know more or less what will happen. There will be some pictures of a decent sized crowd. There will be a few speakers. The city will have police and gaurds make sure nobody approaches the building. A couple of citycouncilmen will come out and speak, and some of the pro-iryah ones will come get their pictures taken being seen trying to make peace, there will be a few small articles in the Friday newspapers and life will go on. Maybe Lemaan Achai will get the funding, maybe not. The process fo what will happen is already mostly known.

Not to detract from the importance of participating, i thought of a way that will make the Iryah take notice. They are expecting the demonstration. They already have their plan what to do about it. There is a way to do something that will make them stand up and take notice. They probably do not yet have a plan how to react, and perhaps this will make an impression on them. And it will only take a minute or two of your time.

The City of Bet Shemesh has a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, go to the BS Facebook page and leave a comment expressing your disappointment. if they get a whole bunch of comments, that can be seen publicly, in this medium that has not yet been used in this way, they will take notice. To comment on the FB page, you will first have to "LIKE" the page. I don't see that as a problem - if we didn't all like living here, we'd either move away or at least simply not be interested in helping to improve the place.

So, head over to the BS FB page, LIKE it, and leave your comment about the issue. And then go this evening to the demonstration if you can.


  1. IF, for whatever reason, one doesn't want to be seen as "liking" the Iriyah page, one can unlike it after commenting; the comment will remain.

  2. Great idea, Rafi.

    Everyone should also remember to "like" other comments encouraging the municipality of Bet Shemesh to fund Lemaan Achai.

  3. Also, please note that the Email address for Bet Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul is:

    You can send him an Email about this issue (or any other issue), and it may affect his performance (at least somewhat); and on this issue, it may help get some funding for Lemaan Achai.

  4. Titain EMES L'YaakovFebruary 09, 2011 4:13 PM

    I noticed that Yaakov Lederman posted on the facebook page that how can the Iriya give to Lema'an Achai and not others.

    I say to him that WHY has the city chosen certain organizations like Yad Eliezer and Hakshiva and ignored others.

    His point would be well taken if they gave to no one.

    His point would also be well taken if he wasn't so connected to all of the politicians!

  5. dont know who he is but I commented on his comment

  6. any rumors on tonight's vote?

  7. Rafi's initiative to use the iriya's Facebook page was brilliant!

    There's now over 100 entries protesting the exclusion of Lema'an Achai from the budget, and according to the city spokesman, the mayor Moshe Abutbol has been kept regularly informed throughout the day about this virtual protest.

    What worked in Tunisia, can work in Bet Shemesh!


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