Feb 27, 2011

Police Academy In Bet Shemesh (video)

After a long period of planning and discussion, the deal has finally been signed and finalized. The national police academy is be going to be building its largest complex in the country in Bet Shemesh.

The complex of the police academy will include classroom buildings, housing for staff, athletic and training rooms, and more. The academy complex will be built in West bet Shemesh, on the other side of Highway 38. However, they might also build a new neighborhood for policemen and families who will want to live in the area.

Whenever I hear, and read the updates and progress of this deal in the local papers over the past couple of years, about the police academy, I cannot but help think of the old movie series form the '80s, "Police Academy". Bring these guys to Bet Shemesh for the groundbreaking ceremony, or the grand opening, is what I say.

(sorry, but the better clips all had the embedding disabled)

What was amusing in the announcement is the perspective published by the local rag. It mentioned that, and I am only paraphrasing from memory because I no longer have the paper to quote from exactly, the rabbonim of the city are very concerned about the plan, as they are worried that bringing in this troubling element into a haredi city will have a seriously negative impact on the lifestyle and atmosphere of the city.
  1. concern because some people who are not haredi might come to the city? That will destroy the atmosphere of the city?
  2. Perhaps someone like Tackleberry is just what the local police need to become a little more effective at tacking crime and targeting violence.
  3. Again, reading about the police academy always cracks me up.


  1. yeah somehow the charedi press thinks the only people who can guard homes from Shabbat break ins are Arabs....

  2. Maybe Steve Guttenberg will make aliyah with Nefesh B'Nefesh....

  3. The Bet Shemesh government reminds me of the Police Academy administration in so many ways....


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