Feb 22, 2011

Kids Laughing (video)


  1. At the risk of sounding coarse, what on earth is someone screaming out loud at the beginning of this clip? It's an adult male and he screams it three times. I've watched this a few times and can only think the worst. Maybe it's me....

  2. It sounds like
    Ani lo mefached
    I'm not afraid!

  3. It is the Rebbe screaming (in Hebrew):
    הרבה לא מפחד
    The Rebbe is not afraid!

    Obviously, he was frightened out of his wits.

  4. I think the Rebbe was yelling that to make it more exciting for the boys.

    I'm almost certain I know where that petting zoo/farm is - we went on Pesach and my daughter was knocked across the road by a loose donkey ("lo kara klum" they told her!!), and later another donkey pulled the reins loose from a teenager who kept whipping it to turn aside and take a drink - the boy fell onto the ground with the reins twisted around his leg!

    Unfortunately there isn't much regard for the animals at that place. And while that man leading the donkey didn't look religious, it's owned and operated by religious people. (They just don't hold as much by tzaar baalei chaim as the people at Mevo Modiin or Davida's farm....)


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