Feb 13, 2011

The Modern Day Yosef Mokir Shabbos

We all know the story of Yosef Mokir Shabbos - the poor jew who spent all his money every week in honor of Shabbos - buying the best foods and delicacies he could afford. The evil wealthy man heard he would lose his fortune to a Jew, so he sold his wealth and bought one precious gem which he could keep with him at all times. He sewed it into his hat for safety, and sure enough the hat blew into the river. Before Shabbos poor Yosef went  to the market to look for a delicacy for Shabbos, and the merchants knew they could make a good sale so they offered this big fish they had caught. he bought the fish, took it home, cut it open and found this precious gem (had been swallowed by the fish after having blown off the head of the evil wealthy guy). He sold it and became wealthy. All because he honored Shabbos.

Meet Madchet Giadah, the modern day Yosef Mokir Shabbos. Sort of. The name Madchet Giadah sounds to me like he is an Arab. Anyway, this guy works at the fish counter of the Rami Levi supermarket in Beitar Ilit.

Giadah was cutting and cleaning fish for customers when he noticed something shiny inside one of the fish. he stuck his hand in and pulled out a gold necklace.

So, I say he is sort of the modern day Yosef Mokir Shabbos, because he probably did not get to keep the chain, and even if he did he probably did not become wealthy from a simple gold chain.

According to reports, since the incident a few days ago, gold filled fish is the most asked for product in the supermarket...


  1. Been to that store

    Almost Every employee seemed to be Arabic

  2. FYI - Madchet is the yiddish name of the Byelorussian town of Modlach located about 50 miles north of Slonim and near the town of Diatlovo. The town had over 4000 Jews prior to the wwii and was known for its scholars such as the Madcheter Eloi.


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