Feb 22, 2011

Qaddafi Makes Aliyah

With Libyan president Moamar Qaddafi having disappeared among the riots, with his son speaking n his behalf about killing more protesters, burning oil fields, etc. people are wondering, and spreading rumors, about where papa Qaddafi has disappeared to, and where he is hiding out.

The best of the rumors is that Qaddafi has filed paperwork requesting permission to make aliyah to Israel. He is supposedly invoking the Law of Return, since his mother was Jewish (supposedly).

I wonder, if he did, what would Nefesh B'Nefesh's response be, and what would Israel say?


  1. NBN is an easy one - they only assist with aliyah from the US, Canada, and England.

  2. I think Israel should let him in on condition he brings 20 billion barrels of oil - meches free of course, as part of his Aliyah benefits. Then arrest him for war crimes and seize his assets.


    Your clothes were always stylish and you are the dapper one. I had a crush on you when I was younger. All the Libyan Jews know he is from some Jewish village. He is OK.

    BTW Wanna Saab we don't need his oil we have a mother lode of energy off shore.


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