Feb 27, 2011

The Wig And The Wind

This is an incident I would have liked to witness. It seems to be pretty amusing, though I am sure it was very troubling, and distressing, for the woman involved.

A woman was walking in Jerusalem, and the strong winds blew the sheitel right off her head (I always say thumbtacks would work better than just those clips they use).

That alone is every womans nightmare in bad weather - either the head covering blowing off, or the skirt blowing up Marilyn Monroe style... I once, many years ago saw an old woman getting on the bus in a storm and her sheitel fell off. Wasnt such a big deal - she was embarrassed for a moment and then everyone went on their merry way.

If that was not bad enough, the issue was compounded when one of the Mea Shearim thugs saw it happen, he ran over and grabbed her sheitel. Instead of returning it to her like a nice guy trying to help her get her head covered as quickly as possible, he ran away with it calling her a shiktza, saying the rabbonim said wigs are prohibited.

Bechadrei reports that a bunch of people tried to chase the thug down, including somebody on a hatzolah moped and some yeshiva boys. Eventually, the thug threw the sheitel aside and disappeared.

She must have run home in her embarrassment, because by the time the sheitel was recovered she was nowhere to be found.

As I said, thumbtacks work best, and would prevent problems like this from happening.


  1. It must be a slow news day at b'chadrei. This sounds like one of those made up stories that are often heard about mea shearim. (Like the one a while back about the white woman who gave birth to a black baby etc.) Give it a rest.

  2. Better the story in London of the Chareidi woman, who was attacked by a thug, who grabbed her "hair" and demanded money. The quick thinking lady just managed to loosen the clips a bit, to free the sheitel completely, managing to run away from the surprised thug, who was left with only a sheitel in his hand!!!

  3. Kikar is reporting the story as well now, and has pictures of the hatzolah guy with the wig (not that a guy holding a wig is a hard picture to get, but..)


  4. It happened to a friend of mine outside a yeshiva ketana! she ran back into the house of the friend she was visiting and the second friend went outside to find a group of bochurim standing round the sheitel wondering what to do with it. She picked it up and said, "don't worry, I'll look after it"

    There's also the (possibly apocryphal) story of the lady who opened an umbrella going through the ticket desk at London Zoo and caught the spike in her sheitel. The cashier was horrified, but the lady just said, "It's been one of those days!" and put it back on again.

  5. One solution would be for the local baalei batim to catch the thug, then beat the living crap out of him. Do this enough times and publicize it and pretty soon nobody is willing to be a thug.

  6. ahhh - that's because in Williamsburg (where they would beat someone up) theft is considered a crime.


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