May 20, 2013

Interesting Posts #489

1. Jewish girls gone wild? Marijuana lab found in haredi school

2. Israel's shame

3. I wouldn't hire haredi women either - it is illegal to say these things when hiring or not hiring, but I have heard such sentiments many times

4. may the Sotah take bitter waters intravenously?

5. Shavuos is a tough sell in the age of 140 characters 

6. the importance of preemptive strikes

7. security is paramount

8. things you don't need a phd to know

9. Satan's grip on our Jewish women

10. shul casting call - every shul needs characters from this list...

11. fear-mongering, guilt-tripping, and shidduchim

12. Ferrari in Israel

13. Sabra Sabba

14. you gotta be kidding! - now that would make a real kosher phone...

15. with Jews like these, who needs enemies?

16. 6 things we can learn form the Kabbalah Center

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  1. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion in the post about "shells" that the immodest garments can be repurposed (upcycled?) as modest headcoverings. LOL!

  2. Why does that whacked out BT merit inclusion in "interesting posts?" If I wanted to hear this drivel I could hop a bus to Har Nof and sit in on a lecture at one of several dozen BT factories.


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