May 27, 2013

MK Amram Mitzna proposes alternate solution for Haredim

The committee headed by Yaakov Perry to find a solution to "equality of draft", which has become synonymous with simply formulating a plan to draft the haredim, has been making waves. It has drawn more opposition in its final days, opposition from across the spectrum, than it has found support.

MK Amram Mitzna (Hatnua) has now joined the group of those attacking Perry and his committee for missing the mark and even accusing them of hypocrisy and anti-haredi sentiments..

Mitzna counter-proposes something that I have said many times in the past. It is actually far more important to get the haredi community out into the workforce than it is to get them into the army. The army issue is an ideological one, and it will not be solved easily or quickly. After 65 years, these quick plans being formulated are turning into an ideological battle rather than an actual plan that could work. Sure, absolving them of army service is the height of unfair, when considering all those who are obligated to serve, but the real problem is not that they are not in the army, but that there are not enough of them in the workforce. The economy suffers because of it, they suffer because of it, the general population suffers because of it, etc.

So Mitzna is proposing that the law that prevents someone from working if he/she did not complete their army service (whether in actual service or via an exemption of some sort) should be removed. He says haredim should be allowed into the workforce, immediately and without it being connected to army service.

Obviously the army part of the issue cannot be ignored, as the entire country would be up in arms that they have to serve and one group does not with no obligation at all. Mitzna recommends that after releasing the haredim into the workforce, we can then look for ways to incentivize them to join the army.
(source: Ladaat)

In my opinion this is probably the best solution. it solves the real problem, and it solves the problem that is fairly easily solvable. The army issue is also important, and the government should continue looking for a solution to it, but that should not stop the more important issue from being resolved..

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  1. I've also been saying that for years. This linkage between army service and the right to work has had terrible unintended consequences. Perhaps give army graduates or people with army exemption special tax benefits to make more of an incentive for people to serve.


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