May 25, 2013

Show support for Nahal Haredi soldiers

This past week was supposed to see the ceremony of the conclusion of basic training for the latest inductees to the Nahal Haredi. It was canceled due to the fear that the event would be targeted by haredi extremists, who have begun a campaign of delegitimizing haredi soldiers, and even leading to violence against haredim seen in uniform.

The even was rescheduled for tomorrow at 5:30 PM at Givat HaTachmoshet - Ammunition Hill - in Jerusalem.

Somebody came up with the idea to turn this into a show of support. To oppose the calls against Haredi soldiers, and especially the violence, he suggests that people should show up at the ceremony and show their support of Haredi soldiers.

He created a Facebook event to that effect, and it has received many shares on Facebook and has been picking up steam. I think it is a great idea, a great way to show support at a time when they are being threatened and future potentials are being scared away. If I could go I would, If you can go, I think you should.

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  1. Rafi, fix the date on the post, since it says May 25, which is Shabbat and you wrote "today" rather than tomorrow or the exact date. ok

  2. thanks for the link and the post date. I fixed it

  3. Lipa's song for the soldiers. I so love the keech in his videos.


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