May 16, 2013

RBS Bar Kol Expansion hearing scheduled

The issue of Bar Kol expansion has moved on to the next stage. Protests have been filed by the residents, and now a hearing is scheduled to be heard. Below is the information I received. If you have the ability to be there, it is important to make the effort...

In the recent election campaign we heard a lot of "Where is the money?". I want to know about this plan and its approval - where is the money? Who was paid off how much to approve this plan?

The hearing relating to the Bar Kol application

takes place on Thursday, 23rd May, at 1pm, at
אכסניית בית וגן
רח' הפסגה 8
בית וגן
the big building at the beginning of the street, on the Left side.

This is the single opportunity that we have to stop the proposed extension, which includes the destruction of the shul in Lachish, so it is essential to ensure that a large crowd of objectors attend in order to influence the committee in its critical decision.
Accordingly, please try to attend, together with your husband/wife, as well as all of your friends and neighbours, since everybody in RBS Alef will be affected by the proposals, especially the making of Nachal Sorek into a 1-way street.

Contact parents committees of all of the local schools
to ask parents to attend, as the traffic proposals
for Sorek will be a nightmare for parents.

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  1. I live on the intersection of Dolev and Katlav. A number of shuls in the Dolev area were built on top of gan yiladim -- most shuls did it in a reasonably tasteful maner that did not harm the gan below. All except for ONE built only a SINGLE floor.
    The shul on Dolev and Katlav is a DISASTER. They got greedy, built a horrible 2-floor monstorsity and of course, ran out of money. How selfish !!!! The playground for the children in the gan has been ruined for over 3 years. My porch overlook a horrible shell of a building complete with iron pillars.
    Of course, the municipality approved this. The Abutbul administration APPROVED this without asking us, of course. Now we are stuck with a disaster -- if they were only not GREEDY, then they certainly would have had enough money for a SINGLE floor. What creepy neigbhbors -- no derech eretz.

  2. The hearing is in Jerusalem?
    How unfair!

  3. my guess would be because thats where the planning committee for the region sits...


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