May 29, 2013

MKs Lipman and Zeev have follow-up debate on TV (video)

Last week, MKs Lipman and Zeev held a joint interview/debate on Knesset TV.. this is a follow-up interview/debate.. Lipman pulls a move that surprises Zeev, and he doesn't know how to respond.

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  1. Lipman is being a bit hypocritical here. "Come let's make a change together" ???? Really? Which party openly declared ' no Haredim in the government with us '?

    If Lipman and Yesh Atid really wanted to see more Haredim get drafted, than this is definitely not the way. The change was already happening, steadily and with a good base for the future. Lapid and Lipman turned the clocks back ten years. The Haredim certainly want change, but forcing them to do it on Yesh Atid's terms?

    Please tell me. What will a criminal record do for a Haredi? So they won't be able to get a gun, or a government job, and a few other things. So what? Refuse to serve, go to jail (learn in jail) come out and continue to learn, or get a job - No army. Good job Lapid and Lipman.

  2. Lipman is coming across as a bit less sincere with each passing day. This is a gimmick, and pretty silly.

    Zeev is a seasoned politician, wily and all that, but he's honest in his feelings and intentions, he doesn't do the baloney 'shake my hand I love you' bit at least.


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