May 22, 2013

no Jewish divorce, no Jewish burial

The Beis Din HaGadol has upheld a psak of a minor Beis Din that had ruled regarding a person who is withholding a get from his wife that he should not be allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

The specific case is of a person who has withheld the get from his wife for nearly two years, and he has since run off to the USA. The beis din has already ruled that he should not be offered any consular services in the embassy or consulates in the USA. I wonder how strictly the consulate clerks adhere to the ruling, but that has so far failed to persuade or pressure this guy to give the get.

The beis din has now ruled that they can create restrictions, including social restrictions, that are not already detailed within the purview of the beis din, including this new restriction to prevent him from a Jewish burial.
(source: Kipa)

I commend the beis din for thinking of new ways to pressure the husband to give the get, but I wonder whether this will have any effect. What do you think? Does someone like this think or care about a burial he probably isn't concerned about right now, thinking his death will only come in 40, 50, 60, 70 years down the line?

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  1. It's a good idea, but once he's dead, his refusal to give a get is no longer an issue. :-)

  2. I can't imagine the charedim permitting a Jewish body to be buried without tahara, etc, so it will never happen.


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