May 26, 2013

Pashkevil in RBS B against Superbus for opening the gates of lewdness

Wow! This is one of the latest pashkevils up in RBS B... against Superbus for the evil crime of operating a bus line (bus #17) through the neighborhood that also goes to the secular parts of the city. In the words of the pashkevil author, Superbus by doing so has opened up the gates of the lewdness of the streets into the neighborhood!

I would note that bus #14 has always operated on the route from RBS A through RBS B and into all areas of Bet Shemesh, so the presence of a bus from RBS B to the secular areas is really nothing new.

They threaten that if the bus line is not canceled, the battle will be brought back to them and the good relations from which both sides have benefited will come to an end, that Superbus will be responsible for!

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1 comment:

  1. Retarded! These people seriously need to get a life and the one who prints these should be ashamed that he is making a chilul Hashem and causing sinas chinam for a few shekels!


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