May 19, 2013

soon there will be [more] Haredi farmers

Due to the difficulties of graduates of the Nahal Haredi army units to integrate back into the regular haredi communities after the conclusion of their service, a combination of government offices are investigating the possibility of forming a new community for these graduates.

The new community would be a haredi agricultural kibbutz, and different locations are being considered in the eventuality that this idea is finalized.

Obviously as more and more haredim finish their army service, more such communities would need to be established in the future, along with room for growth within each one. And some might very well choose to go back to the regular cities.

They say there is initial interest and there is already agreement to being trained in agriculture.
(source: INN)

I cannot imagine every one of them will want to work in agriculture. Put any group of people together, and there will be diversity in their interests. There already are some successful haredi agricultural-based communities, and there is no reason why there cannot be more.

Perhaps some future communities should be moshavim and yishuvim, and not just kibbutzim. Also, with the way the kibbutzim have gone in the past 15-20 years, with minimizing their agricultural efforts and turning to other industries, some of these haredi kibbutzim could also specialize in other industries and not just agriculture...

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  1. ... and there will be a new way to subsidize Charedim. Kibbutzim (and Charedim) have a long history of subsidies. At least these folks will have served the state a bit.


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