May 30, 2013

Pashkevil announces Charedi underground that will beat up soldiersphoto credit: Dos Machmad

This is the latest pashkevil up... it announces the existence of a "Charedi underground" called "Machteret Negged Giyus Charedim" - or, "The Underground Against the Drafting of Charedim"

photo credit: Dos Machmad

The pashkevil announces:

To the Army Leadership:
You should know that you have made a mistake
Every charedi student who will be arrested
for his opposition to being drafted into the army
the Charedim will take revenge!
for each student, and for each day he sits in jail
an IDF soldier [even though he is completely innocent]
will be lashed with 18 lashes
Beware, you have been warned!

(signed by the Underground N.G.C.)

I hope the pashkevil is either an empty threat or a fraud.

This entire "draft the haredim", "equality of service" took a bad turn a while back. There are a lot of people at fault for the deterioration, on both sides of it. If these people carry out their threats I would expect them to be treated like a terrorist organization. When a soldier is abducted and then lashed, I would expect the army will crack down, place a siege on the house the soldier is being held in, raid the house, kill people. This is just going to get worse and worse...
Some people need to get off their ladders and talk rationally to each other and work out an acceptable system to both sides.

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  1. Why don't they trust in the efficacy of their Torah to fight the Zionist enemy? If it works against Arabs, why doesn't it work against Zionists? Why do they have to leave the Beis HaMidrash and actually fight?

  2. I must say that the people behind this are probably not actually leaving the beis medrash to do this. they probably arent in it much in the first place...

  3. Hmm... To emphasize Rafi's comment above, when I was attacked by 5 Hassidim, while working at an Internet Cafe, I was able to push them all out of the cafe. Because I'm so strong, or such a great fighter? No. Because they had no clue what they were doing. They even yelled, "בלי מכות! בלי מכות!," to which I laughed, because they were supposedly attacking me, and I didn't even have to lift a hand against my fellow, albeit misguided, Jews.

    My point? I'd like to see these guys try to beat up a soldier (who has training). Then they should be caught and forced to do the misswoth of הגנת גבולות ארץ ישראל and פיקוח נפש, since they're apparently not doing any other misswoth.

  4. The problem is that this isn't an empty threat, last week a gang of thugs attacked 2 Charedi soldiers while they were passing through Mea Sharim on their way home for Shabbat. The soldiers were unable to defend themselves against a large group, and of course using their weapon was out of the question.

    The police should regard this flier as a call to violence and arrest whoever is behind it. Free speech does not include the right to threaten violence.

    Also interesting that they are copying a tactic used by the Irgun who used to capture and whip British soldiers in retaliation for Irgun members who were publicly whipped by the British.

  5. Also odd that they would focus on 18 lashes rather than 39. But, as Rafi said, these are not the masmidim.

  6. Any fool can post something on a wall, so the true threat level of this one is hard to gauge.

  7. If the Chareidim are afraid of the effects that army service will have on their spiritual purity and dedication to Torah study, they should give some thought to the effects of jail time. Or will Israel set up designated Chareidi prisons for them?


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