May 22, 2013

Tens of Thousands Protest IDF Draft in Jerusalem (video)

it's getting pretty bad out there...

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  1. a few observations

    1)these kids were clearly "up for it" as shown by their ignoring the tehillim taking place in the background to provoke the soldiers
    2) the "charedi leaders" have no influence on these kids - as they didnt at the kotel on rosh chodesh
    3)the army were most professional in their reluctance to respond to the provocation.

    this leads me to conclude that the sooner the draft is passed, the sooner these kids will find an outlet for their pent up rage/boredom which will surely be a good thing.

    as an aside it was heartwarming to see the guy in white shirts without hat/jacket, who was constantly provoking the army, finally get dragged away at 12.07 in the video. i hope theyy beat the living xxxx out of him, but i doubt it.

  2. Another interesting think about this event is that a large part of the Haredi community was not supportive. I don't recall which prominent Haredi newspaper ignored the event.


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