May 27, 2013

Interesting Posts #491

1. double vindication in the case of Modiin bigotry

2.  the Israeli stranger who left me her baby on the plane

3. 39 beautiful resume ideas that work for Israelis

4. can Tesla take over Better Place charging stations?

5. the aliyah question

6. what is keeping mashiach away?

7. the US big city jewish mayor club grows again

8. when nutty doesn't cut it

9. would you kill an Amalekite?

10. dean decries drinking debacle

11. first, understand "the burden"

12. the Kotzker Rebbe in Omaha

13. 10 photos of jewish women being awesome - I expect this title will bring in millions of hits...

14. the Doheny kosher scandal and the erosion of daas torah

15. my spot at the Kotel

16. why is it so important for charedim to learn secular subjects?

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  1. somehowfrum has a better one.

  2. "Why is it So Important For Chareidim to Learn Secular Subjects?" because the non-religious and many of the parve religious have a goal to make one 'Israeli' collective and get rid of the 'primitive' Harediut mindset.


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