May 30, 2013

The Google Glass Tefillin Stand - harnessing technology for promoting religion

Chabad has never been afraid to incorporate the latest technology into its kiruv efforts, whether it was satellite tv, internet, mobile connectivity...

Chabad has now found a way to get hold of a Google Glass (is it a pair of Google Glass? Google Glasses? a set of Google Glass? just "a Google Glass"? what's the correct usage?) and turn it into what they are claling the "Google Glass Tefillin Stand".

The Chabad rabbi on the campus of Stamford University has somehow gotten a Google Glass, and has publicized around campus that anybody who wants to give it a whirl is welcome to do so - on condition that they come to the stand and put on tefillin, along with reciting the shema, which would be displayed on the screen (lens?) of the Google Glass.

The rabbi said "many Jewish students who had never wrapped Tefillin before came out to do so." "Some of them told me it was their first time wearing Google Glass and Tefillin,"

I wonder how many non-Jewish students put on tefillin also just to get the opportunity to try the Google Glass.

Good job to the good rabbi in harnessing technology, albeit it in a low-tech way, to promote religion...

(source: SERoundtable)

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  1. it seems to me a cheapening of the mitzvah. what's the purpose of putting on tefilin if you only do it in order to play with the cool google glass (whatever that is).

    chabad can even do better if they offer $10 for putting on tefilin - they will get a line down the block with people going back as many times as they can..


  3. (And female Jewish students?)


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