Mar 12, 2014

Beit Hashalom goes back to Jewish hands!

6 or 7 years ago there was a dispute in Hebron.. it seems there is always a dispute in Hebron, but this is specifically referring to a house that was purchased by local residents from an Arab. The new owner moved a number of families into his new home - which subsequently became known as 'Beit HaShalom'. and it became a fight.

The Arab seller received threats to his life that he must reverse the sale. He claimed the deed of purchase was forged and he had never sold his house. The new owner showed that he had recorded the entire transaction and it was real. By then it became far more than a legal battle and became a hot political issue with the Palestinians turning it into a claim of oppression and land grabbing. The government forced the residents out. In the days/weeks/months leading up to the evacuation, supporters, myself included, from all over the country went to visit Beit Hashalom to show support and solidarity.

Last year the court finally ruled that the original sale of Beit Hashalom to the Jewish purchased had been real and valid. The seller then appealed to the Supreme Court, still claiming the original sale was a fraud.

The Supreme Court has now issued a ruling in the matter. It might be surprising to some, but the Court ruled in favor of the Jewish buyer, the "settler", over the Palestinian. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal and has ordered the government to transfer Beit Hashalom back to the "settlers" and to allow them to live in their house. The court also ordered the Palestinian seller to pay 30,000 NIS in court costs.

Whether or not the Jews will be allowed to move back into Beit Hashalom is still an open issue. The court's order is not actually enough - the Minister of Defense, Moshe 'Boogie' Yaalon, has to sign an order allowing them to move in. That means they are still dependant on the political situation. Yaalon, while generally considered "right wing" and relatively supportive of the 'settler' community, might say the situation is too sensitive to allow them to move in, it might harm the peace negotiations, it might upset the Americans, the Palestinians might start rioting, or whatever other excuse he might come up with if he does not want to approve it.
source: NRG

With the backing of the lower court and the Supreme Court, Yaalon should really allow the Jews to move into their legally purchased home. Any claims of political or diplomatic issues should be rejected. People bought a house, it was proven in court, they should be allowed to live in it.

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  1. It is great news, but we wait to see if the army/police actually let the Jews into their property.


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