Mar 13, 2014

Headline of the Day

Roseanne hints at possible aliyah

  --Times of Israel

Roseanne Barr might make aliya???? Think she might consider living in Bet Shemesh?

the shocking news began when Roseanne tweeted "aliyah 2014". an NBN representative saw the tweet and tweeted back offering assistance in making aliyah, to which Roseanne asked her to be in contact via primate message...

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  1. Did the NBN representative then start scratching under her armpits and grunting "ook, ook"? :-D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Beth Shemesh? No. My guess would be in the German Colony next door to the Women In Black head, and all the other "we know better than everyone else" Leftists.

  3. Ok, it was probably a typo, but I still laughed when you said Roseanne asked he to be in contact via "primate message" - perfect Freudian slip

  4. This article encapsulates the mizrachi so well. I couldn't have done it better.

    I am mamesh so excited.

    Do you realize how far you strayed?


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