Mar 26, 2014

promises of rain show ruach hakodesh

It sometimes bothers me how the Litvishe have become so Hassidishe in recent years, and the trend seems to be continuing.. it manifests itself in many ways, and in some ways they have even become more hassidishe than the hassidishe..

For some reason rain and mikva seems to be a common theme for the new hassishe rebbes.. Last year we had Rav Chaim Kanievsky promising rain for a new mikva.. this year we have Rav Shteinman promising rain for a mikva..

According to Bechadrei, prior to the last set of rains right before Purim, an organization dealing with the building of new mikvaot went to Rav Shteinman. They expressed their concern about the dry winter, in light of the amount of rain water needed for the opening of some new mikvaot that were under construction.

Rav Shteinman, reportedly, smiled and said there will still be more rain coming. Sure enough, just a few days later, and another storm with a weeks worth of rain hit Israel. On Purim, after the storms concluded, Rav Shteinman expressed satisfaction that the cisterns for the mikvaot had been filled.


  1. B'ezrat Hashem, we will get at least one more serious storm front this year. The farmers are really getting hit hard. A kibbutz friend I spoke to said that they have needed to spend over 2million NIS on water this year because it has not really rained in the north. That cost is passed on to us consumers in higher cost of veggies :-(

  2. i'm trying to get the underlying message here. water for a mikva is more important than water for farmers, parks, ecosystem, wild animals?


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