Mar 31, 2014

Har Habayit in the news

1. a group of rabbis, supposedly from the full spectrum of religious Judaism,  have officially submitted a request to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow them to build a shul on Har Habayit.

In the letter they wrote that Har Habayit is a special place for prayer, and as prime minister they request that he do what is necessary to establish a respectable place for prayer for Jews on Har Habayit.

The letter was signed even by rabbis who do not approve of Jews going up on Har Habayit, because the location identified for construction of such a shul is a spot on Har Habayit that everybody agrees was not the location of the mikdash.

I am not expecting a positive response from the PMO, but one can hope...

2. There will be a demonstration of the sacrificing of the korban pesach on April 10. The demonstration will include shchita of sheep and sprinkling of blood on a mock-mizbeiach/altar, wearing of priestly garments, and roasting of the sheep the way it was roasted as a korban.

The demo will take place in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The event is described, by the Har Habayit activists arranging it, as intended to arouse a sense of missing the mikdash.
source: NRG

3. as in previous years, you can join a group for korban pesach, on the chance that we will b e given the opportunity before Pesach to offer the korban. The cost is just 12nis per subscription.

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