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Mar 27, 2014

gefilte fish price comes down in face of ban

Crisis averted.

The great gefilte fish ban of 5774 worked.

According to Bechadrei, Rav Landau, rav of Bnei Braq, worked very hard to get the prices of gefilte fish down. Actually, he worked hard to get the price of Carp down, and the result will be cheaper gefilte fish (among others).

The price had risen from the normal range of 25-27nis per  kilo for Carp to the price range of 35-37nis per kilo! That would make your gefilte fish very expensive... and besides for gefilte, people eat plenty of regular fish as well on Pesach.

Manufacturers blamed the increase in price on a supposed shortage of Carp, saying the final price could even hit 40nis per kilo by Pesach time..

According to Bechadrei, Rav Landau worked very hard and achieved success so that in Bnei Braq the price will be relatively cheap - at most 31nis per kg.

I guess the rest of us outside of Bnei Braq will still have to pay the higher price, or eat something else...

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  1. what exactly did he do? increase supply? Reduce demand? Reduce profit margins? Reduce costs?
    Joel Rich

  2. This post (and others of yours) has been included in this week's edition of the Haveil Havalim Jewish-Israeli Blog Round-up!

    1. The prize is a free jar of gefilte fish!


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