Mar 14, 2014

give Matanot L'Evyonim to Lemaan Achai - Smart Chesed - Online!

don't want to go out much in all this rain and cold? you can give your matanot l'evyonim anyway from the ease of your office/bedroom/toilet/couch or wherever you are reading this! is a great organization that helps the poor - specifically the poor of RBS. Smart Chesed - Lemaan Achai helps people by helping them achieve financial independence and in breaking the cycle of poverty, rather than just giving handouts.
How do you want to give your matanot l'evyonim?
Write checks? that is so 1990. and you have to either drop it off or mail it. who wants to stand in line at the post office?
Cash? always good, but you have to go somewhere to give it, and you really want your cash for other things.
give your matanot l'evyonim the way it should be given in 2014! the Internet!

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  1. The link for matanot l'evyonim doesn't work within their site.

    1. works for me. just click on donate and from the drop down list select either matanot levyonim or smart matanot levyonim (where your donation is split as part for purim and part for after purim)


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