Mar 26, 2014

Headline of the Day

USA Proposes: Release Pollard in exchange for release of terrorists

  -- NRG 

The USA made an offer to the Palestinians that Israel would release more terrorists in exchange for the Palestinians continuing to participate in the peace talks. Unfortunately for the Americans, they failed to clear this deal with the Israelis before making the offer to the Palestinians. In exchange for Israel's agreement, they had to offer to release Pollard.

While Pollard himself has said he does not want his freedom as part of a deal to release terrorists, at this point I don't think that matters. As we have seen, Israel will most likely release the terrorists anyway.... so we might as well get Pollard in return...

Just we need to make sure we don't leave Pollard to the end, but that he is put on a plane right at the beginning of the exchange.. so we don't have a repeat of what happened at the Wye Plantation...

(BTW, there are conflicting reports as to this new report of the offer to release Pollard, with some reports now saying the USA is denying such an offer has been made)

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  1. I am totally with you on this one, Rafi.

    I think that we should demand that Pollard be released at the beginning of the prisoner exchange (and refuse to release prisoners until they agree to that, let's have the American make a gesture for peace in the Middle East, especially since the Arabs keep refusing to do so); and I also feel that, despite all of the reasons to object to it in principle, we might as well agree to trade Pollard for the terrorists, since we will end up releasing terrorists at some point anyway (and it will not help bring peace anyway) - so we might as well at least get Pollard out of prison and safely in Israel.

  2. I read once that, way back when, colonists bought Staten Island multiple times from the local Native Americans, who kept taking it back. It seems as if Pollard's release has already been bought and paid for by many unwise acts Israel has done to please the US, yet the US has always failed to deliver. Obama is as unreliable as any Arab.


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