Mar 23, 2014

Ministry of Education changes vacation schedule

The Ministry of Education has been moving on a plan to shorten the summer vacation. This past year the MoE began the school year prior to September 1st as part of that program, and according to plans the opening day was supposed to get even earlier in coming years..

but that's a changin'.

The Ministry of Education today announced it has scrapped the original plan and will move "opening day" of the school year back to September 1.

They are going to make other changes though.

That pointless vacation they give after Yom Kippur until Sukkot? done? no more vacation.

All that vacation during Channukah? This will be shortened by 2 days.

Ridiculously long Pesach vacation? Now it will be 2 days shorter.

This is in addition to the summer program the Ministry of Education will begin operating this summer that will run for 3 weeks as a natural continuation of the school year.
source: Walla News

These times are very difficult for working parents, with the kids being given vacations at times that vacations don't seem to be necessary or justified. Cutting these mid-year vacation dates is probably more important than cutting a few days out of summer vacation...

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  1. If I were still teaching, I would not be a happy camper.

  2. All this change is very superficial and not really changing anything at all except to continue making the school calendar unstable by the whim of the minister. Peron is an idiot for making this change now only a few months before the summer while the organized world already has stuff planned and now needs to be changed. At least Gideon Saar had the brains to make change but push it off for the year after so everyone could prepare. Peron is from the Lapid bunch that does first and thinks second (like the premature announcement of Uri Ariel's no-sales tax
    on apartments).
    The days between yom kippur and succot are rarely a few 4-5 days. A week long Hanukah allows many organizations and matnases to plan Hanukah camps - now it won't be as feasible to plan a whole project just for 2-3 days. Cutting Pesach holiday by two days? Drop in the bucket. This is a brilliant PR plan to keep his face in the media. (did you know that in polls he is the most popular politician?)

    It's time to add more teaching days and increase the teachers' salary.

  3. "Peron is an idiot..."

    You'll get no arguments from me! ;-)

  4. Long-time teachers say that during the past 10 years, the MOE has wreaked havoc on the school system with its constant changes.

  5. Peron was asked on camera that it seems that he is undoing all the changes of his predecessor. He gave a sly smirk to the questioner and walked away.

  6. With the six day a week school day, kids are in school plenty long and they have little to show for it.

    1. Is that fair to bash all Israeli kids?


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