Mar 19, 2014

Interesting Posts #537

1. Geerz in Mishpacha magazine (pdf) - fabulous write-up

2. an exchange - Rabbi Pruzansky on the draft law

3. I still have hope

4. aren't you scared?

5. what can be done to reach our best students

6. in prison for learning torah

7. Labor as the new savior of the Haredim

8. NBN turns immigrants into pioneers

9. Shaar HaGai - history

10. the Shaked draft bill

11. the Waze conundrum

12. March Madness: Purim, now Jerusalem Marathon

13. Will good fences make good neighbors in Bet Shemesh

14. when being a mentsch is the exception

15. renouncing US citizenship, part 2

16. be transformed

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