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Mar 27, 2014

The Rolling Stones are coming

Israelis lose the right to complain about the high cost of living in Israel when they are willing to pay 700NIS per ticket for the cheapest tickets at a Rolling Stones concert...

Just saying.

I think the serious complaint is that of religious and traditional Jews who feel blocked out due to the holiday. The Stones concert is scheduled for June 4, Motzei Shavuot.

Sunset on June 4 will be about 7:41pm. "Stars out" will be about 8:01pm at earliest. With the Stones planning to take the stage at 8:30pm, religious fans will have to decide to either not take out a mortgage to buy tickets and miss it, come late because they will only leave their houses after the holiday is out, or stay at a hotel in the Tel Aviv area.

Even MK Nissim Slomiansky (Habayit Hayehudi) has gotten involved and has asked the organizers to change the date of the performance. According to Ynet News, Slomiansky said:
It's unthinkable that such a show will cause a mass desecration of the holiday by hundreds of thousands of people," he explained. "It's illogical to force the Israel Police to work from 2 pm, operate an entire system and violate the holiday marking the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people. There is no way of participating in this mass event without actually desecrating the holiday."
This isn't the first time Slomiansky launches a battle against Shuki Weiss. "Last time he tried to bring Depeche Mode on Tisha B'Av, and eventually they didn't come," the MK said. "No one would let this happen on Memorial Day. There is something wrong here. Is money the only important thing? What about our values?"
Slomiansky says he has nothing against the band, and even put on a Rolling Stones T-shirt to prove his point.

"On the contrary, it's an excellent and highly esteemed group, and I appreciate the fact that they are coming to Israel at such a time, when many others are avoiding and boycotting us. But why shouldn't religious people like me be able to enjoy the concert too?" he asks.
It is nice the Rolling Stones are coming. At a time when the BDS movement is so active, it is good to see performers, especially such big name performers, coming and supporting Israel.

Let's have some fun with this. On Twitter Lahav Harkov had a contest going for #RollingStonesShavuotPuns. Mine would be that they should change their name to "Throwing Stones" and perform in Mea Shearim or RBS B..

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  1. The organizers are actually less anti-dati (who should not be going anyway) and just plain ignorant of client logistics. How are 30 000 people supposed to get to the concert from around the country if there is no public transportation? Really dumb.

    1. That is a good point, except that for those prices wouldn't almost any purchaser therefore also have a car?

    2. Not true at all and far from it. Certainly rich people will go for the event, but so will many other middle class and below save up for this once in a lifetime event that is cheaper than a plane ticket and hotel room to see something like this overseas.

    3. they (the fans) will do a combina, no big deal. if you don't get it, you ain't israeli and you certainly not sefardi.

  2. You can make the pun, but something about the luchos hitting the ground after Shavuot.

    1. ok I got it - Crash with the Stones after Shavuos. Ugh.
      While I think it's of absolute value to make a stand against chillul Shabbos, I agree with the above that I wouldn't encourage religious people to go.


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