Mar 24, 2014

Ministry of Education to limit maximum school tuitions

The Ministry of Education has announced that it is going to get involved in supervision and enforcement of tuition limits even in the unofficial school systems.

I don't know what the official amount for 100% tuition is, but it seems that until now many schools would receive the tuition subsidy from the government, and then still charge the parents whatever they felt like charging - even if adding the parents portion to the government subsidy it came to higher than the 100% tuition they were allowed to receive.

Now the Ministry is going to enforce that schools cannot take more than 100% tuition.

Schools in the private educational systems receive varying amounts of subsidies - anywhere from 55% to 75%. Most "cheiders" in the haredi community receive in the range of 55% subsidy based on their status of "recognized but not official", and that means they would not be allowed to charge parents any amount beyond the remaining 45% of the maximum tuition number. Those cheiders associated with organizations like Maayan or Chinuch Atzmai, often receive as much as 75% subsidy, allowing them to charge parents the remaining 25%.
source Kikar and Ladaat

This is supposed to help the parents by limiting their maximum tuition payments.

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  1. What this does not apparently take into consideration is the extended hours that the 'unofficial' systems offer children , epescially the boys, that might be up to 4-5pm. The regular system finishes very early, then the kids go home to play video games.
    How are these Talmud Torahs going to survive??

  2. I wonder whether the schools would all do better if they were more privatized. My 100 shekel becomes about 20 by the time it trickles through the collection, legislation and disbursement systems of the government.


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