Mar 27, 2014

new haggadot with strange but beautiful artwork

"Malchut Wexberger" posted these two images from their new hagadot on their Facebook page ..

The first is an image of the haggada printed for the IDF

The second is from the haggada printed for the "Gruzini" community..

it is beautiful artwork, and I commend the artist... but it strikes me as weird and unnatural to depict the image of a family, twice, and not show a mother or a daughter.. are these families really all male? are they encouraging or promoting alternative lifestyle choices? in  the first haggada above there is not even a seat for the wife (and it does not look like the seder is taking place in an army cafeteria).....

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  1. Wexberger does radical things. Go figure that only jobnikim would have such a cool Pesach seder. Baruch Hashem, I was able to get out of the base on Pesach.

  2. Pretty obvious that the first one is on a base. We don't wear madi'im to the Seder at home. It would be a little weird.

  3. Haven't you heard? Women no longer exist in the religious Jewish community. After all- if you don't see us, hear us, sit near us, or talk to us then we must not exist. It's exclusion by chumrah.

  4. Rafi, the women are in the other room. I don't have to tell you that women are obligated to a Seder and Qiddush. They can hear everything just fine from the other room.

    I would like to suggest that it looks "weird" to you because galuth (exile) tells you that it is supposed to look weird to you. IOW, influence from the goyshe cultures of Western galuth tell you so.

    Western values and sensibilities are not automatically interchangeable with Jewish values and sensibilities.

    This is one of the fundamental errors made by Jews from the West, and that includes their rabbis. It is one of the greatest challenges I believe that we face today, pre-final Geulah.

    1. so real authentic judaism has the wife and daughters in the other room? whats your source for this?

    2. Oh, please. It is has never been the custom to have men and women sit in separate rooms for seder. What nonsense. Families and their guests have always sat together for seder. We need to stop inventing new stringencies in our never-ending quest to prove how wonderfully holy we are. What a distortion of traditional Judaism.

    3. Rafi,

      Didn't say that. What I DID say was...

      1. Whether you, or feminutsies, like it or not there are families who have this custom, and even more so, if there isn't just one family there.

      2. The fact that most Jews discount this, and are even dumbfounded by this, I believe, is due to Western galuth.


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