Jul 20, 2020

Bennett showing misplaced loyalty

MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) tweeted out an interesting tweet, pointless as it might be. he tweeted:

Lapid announced that if Netanyahu would resign, within 48 hours he (Lpid) would form a new government that is truly a national unity government, a national emergency government, not the bloated disconnected government we currently are stuck with. This government would be efficient with 18 ministers and would be focused on its objectives. As soon as Netanyahu resigns, everyone will join and combine forces. Us, Bennett and Lieberman.

Ok, not a bad thought, but pointless as Netanyahu is not resigning. My point is not Lapid's tweet though. 

MK Naftali Bennett's (Yamina) response is what is more interesting to me.

Bennett tweeted in response:

Bennett responded saying - Yair, we can't have both Bennett and the United Arab List. it won't happen. We are in a national crisis. I recommend my friends from Yesh Atid focus on helping defeat Corona and not in supporting anarchy.

I don't know who Bennett is showing loyalty to here. Those days are over. Bennett showed loyalty for a year of elections, plus the time in government prior to elections, to Netanyahu and the right wing bloc. That did him no good as he was cut out from the bloc as soon as Netanyahu did not need him.

Additionally, since the current government has been bumbling along in the fight against Corona, Bennett has been focused and has been running all over talking about how to defeat Corona with a detailed plan. He has been doing this so much he has become an annoying nudnik, but he's still the only one who seems focused and has an actual plan. Bennett has even proposed to present his plan to Netanyahu to adopt, but Netanyahu ignored him. he proposed to take the role for free with no title and no salary, but Netanyahu ignored him.

So I don't know who Bennett thinks he is showing his loyalty to. Not only that, but at this point it looks like Lapid's plan, were it to come true, which it won't, is very likely the only way Bennett can actually be helpful in fighting to defeat Corona, because Netanyahu won't let him have any part of it.

This type of loyalty is more like Stockholm Syndrome and lack of leadership than actual loyalty.

And, Lapid never said anything about the United Arab List.

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  1. Rafi - the only possible way for Lapid to form a government is with support from the UAL, though due to the political toxicity of including them, he did not mention them in his tweet. Bennett is calling him out on this, and is not being loyal to anyone but his voters by refusing to consider sitting in a government supported by the UAL.

  2. I don't think it is a case of loyalty. I think it is a matter of reminder his supporters and those who want to claim that he supports them, that he will not sit in a Government that relies on the Joint List to survive.

  3. why is the assumption that it would require the UAL ? pre-elections it did because of the right wing bloc and none of those parties would sit with Blue and White so they didnt have enough without UAL to even begin. The situation now is very different. Bennett isnt part of Netanyahu's bloc, if things fell apart Gantz and team could go back to such a government, Shas and maybe UTJ would possibly be open to it as well if it were a fait accompli and if Netanyahu were to clearly be to blame for the situation.

    1. Bennet is just making it clear that they will not automatically be an ally.

      Yesh Atid (17) plus potential natural allies Labor (3) and Meretz (3) add up to 23. I think the Haredi parties could reach a point of desperation to be willing to sit with Lapid. I can't see them in a Governemnt with Lapid. Even if they did, that brings Yesh Atid up to 39.

      Likud has 36 mandates. If the Government collapses they are going to elections.
      Joint List has 15 mandates.
      Yamina (5 or 6) + Yisrael Betaynu 7 = 12 or 13 are not going to join with the Joint List.
      Blue & White has 14 mandates. Lapid is going to have a hard time justifying a Government. That is assuming he could reach agreements with the other individuals who broke away from his Blue & White Alliance. Bennet simply pointed out that Lapid's math doesn't work.

      If this Government falls, we are going to elections. The most important thing we will see out of the individual parties before it falls, is setting things up so that it is someone else's fault.


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