Jul 28, 2020

Proposed Law: rabbis have immunity for anything they say regarding torah

MKs Yisroel Eichler (UTJ), Moshe Abutbol (Shas) and Ariel Busso (Shas) have proposed a law that would grant immunity from any legal action to rabbis regarding anything they say or publish regarding issues of Torat Yisrael.

I am not sure how exactly that immunity would be qualified, as they could easily claim anything they say has some sort of halachic ramification and therefore qualifies for immunity. 

I think this proposal might be due to the threat of a lawsuit by the Reform against Rabbi Dovid Yosef who said the Women of the Wall pray at the Kotel and fight over it just "lehachis" - just to anger God and to be defiant. Rav Yitzchak Yosef also recently called them names such as apikorsim and the like.

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  1. and the reason to grant this subset of the population immunity? Does it include non-orthodox rabbis? rabbis by field commission?

    1. Israel has regulations regarding the title Rabbi. Legally you can only use this title if you have Smicha issued by or recognized by the Chief Rabbinate, so a non-Orthodox Rabbi could not use the title Rabbi as a defense in a legal issue (unless he also has smicha from the Rabbinate).

      In one of the recent elections, Amnon Yitzhak was campaigning as "Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak" and was successfully sued for misrepresentation as he does not have Smicha from teh Rabbinate, he needed to remove the word "Rabbi" from his campaign posters.

  2. probably only rabbis affiliated with Shas and UTJ

  3. non orthodox rabbis should never have immunity, as they are really not 'rabbis'. They are a mockery and any G-D fearing Jew knows that, but political correctness stops them from saying the truth when that in itself is wrong because we are commanded to stand up for Hashem, and not the mockery of phony torah.


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