Jul 16, 2020

Mayor Lion pleads for the yeshivas

According to Kikar, Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe LiOn has appealed  to the Minister of Health and from the National Security Council to not shut down the yeshivas.

LiOn's request has two aspects to it.

The first request is to not shut down the yeshivas now. Lion says that shutting down the yeshivas will send all the yeshiva boys home to their families to spread the infections in small overcrowded apartments, in the shuls they will definitely go to, and on the streets as the kids look for things to do and for ways to keep busy. Lion says the yeshivas are functioning on the capsule system and can stay that way. Breaking that up and sending that home will spread the disease. The right thing to do would be to isolate the yeshivas the way they are now and keep them there.

The second request is to force the yeshivas to not shut down in two weeks for bein hazmanim. Rather, make them continue all the way until the Tishrei holidays with no break. Doing this will keep the boys off the streets and out of the communities an will prevent the spread of the virus.

Lion didn't come up with the first idea on his own. That has been said a number of times already by many. I don't know what the government plans to do, but it makes sense to keep the petri dishes closed off rather than open them up to exposing everyone back home. As much as the idea makes sense, Lion is just pandering to his voters by pushing this. he added nothing and he probably has little to no influence.

The second suggestion is one I had not heard before, and kudos to Moshe Lion for the idea/suggestion. It sounds like a good idea, especially with the complaining about the yeshiva system being so hurt by the situation with so many boys unable to return to yeshiva - this could strengthen the yeshivas and the boys in them, even if it does not help the boys that unfortunately have not been able to return. At least the yeshivas that are open can do something extraordinary.

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